Marketing Agency Management Platform

  • Planning agent’s tasks and routines
  • Journaling agent’s activities and notes
  • Reporting campaigns and promotion results
  • Archiving documents and content
  • Managing website or app credentials

Planning Agent’s Tasks

  • Plans marketing tasks and routines
  • Schedules frequency of SEM, SEO, and social routines
  • Tracks routines last performed and next due date

Journaling Agent’s Activities & Notes

  • Manage & share bookmarks of tools and ad media
  • Logs tools and media accessed
  • Saves activity note for media and tool access
  • Records information shared through discussions and meetings

Reporting Campaigns and Promotion Results

  • Reports Google, MSN, & Facebook campaign results
  • Summarizes social media promotion results
  • Reviews website’s analytics data
  • Consolidates reports and generates periodic reports

Archiving Documents and Content

  • Saves business documents
  • Saves media content
  • Tracks content and published URLs

Managing Website or Media Credentials

  • Manage & Share website credentials securely
  • Share media login credentials
  • Share app’s login credentials

We've Got it All - And We've Got You!

At-a-Glance Market Analysis by Client

Enjoy a user-centric platform and responsive tools spanning 4 integrated dashboards to proactively build marketing intelligence.

Professional Reports

Boost client satisfaction and trust by providing professional digital marketing reports. You can even invite clients to directly engage in the platform!

Competitive Positioning

Track competitors inbound marketing efforts and get instant alerts of negative feedback across Social Media channels.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Self-monitoring site vitality scanner identifies page-load errors and monitors speed, enabling quick fixes while preventing SERP penalties.

Lead Conversion Stats

Holistically monitor content strategy & lead conversion from multiple sources, such as phone, email and newsletter campaigns, web articles, and more.

Cloud-Based Cost-Benefit Analysis

Gain peace of mind and manage costs with transparent analytics and custom alerts detailing ad campaign and team performance metrics.

Top-Down Distribution Channels

Perfectly scaleable, role-based access control ensures accountability by administering routine tasks & log in credentials.

Advanced Geomarketing Tools

Precisely target audiences in local markets, and receive alerts when your specified territory is breached by competitors.

Flexible, Streamlined Engagement

Three-tiered deployment model lets you allocate task assignments and permissions from system to in-house to contractors.

Intentionally-Designed to be Industry-Specific

Franchisors & Franchisees

Effectively track, manage and optimize digital marketing success with scaleable, geo-targeted conversion metrics.

Marketing Agencies & Clients

Strategize holistically to guarantee ultimate reach of MVPs while successfully optimizing key performance indicators.

Independent Businesses

Gain insight into attracting and retaining your most valued customers by automating marketing campaigns.

Get Engaged Today & Live Happily Ever After.