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A unique omni-channel marketing solution that benefits both:

Franchisors & Franchisees

Our streamlined user interface provides transparent optics enabling the distribution of marketing assets, geo-targeted branding and design artifacts, and promotional campaigns across channels, chains and storefronts.

Bird Eye View of all Franchisees’ Digital Marketing Efforts

Geo-Targeted Inbound Marketing and Digital Ad Campaign Deployment

Analysis of Territory Infringements and Target Audience Loyalty

Our iPaaS marketing platform seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels to guarantee that the perspectives and interests of franchisees are optimized by shared access to corporate marketing assets. By uniting the strengths of each flexible silo, marketers can deliver a more consistent and effective brand message while ensuring accountability throughout the network.

Benefits to Franchisors

  • Maximize returns with dedicated lead conversion and ad campaign analytics.
  • Automate marketing efforts by distributing routine tasks across chains, stores and websites
  • Ensure platform integrity and accountability with role-based permissions
  • Guarantee system integrity with website performance alerts
  • Secure vulnerabilities across multiple channels and websites

Benefits to Franchisees

  • Boost corporate reputation with geo-targeted tracking of feedback and reviews
  • Reduce budget pains by freely accessing corporate marketing collateral
  • Gain an advantage with automated, location-based SEO and SMO strategies
  • Enjoy the flexibility of using your own trusted marketing experts
  • Get alerts when your territory is breached by other marketers.

Universal Benefits and Specifications

SEM Wizard

Multi-Site, Omni-Channel Integration

Collaborate comprehensive SEM Strategy
  • Campaign Organization & Execution
  • Day Parting & Location Targeting
  • Keyword Inventory Optimization
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Lead Quality & Marketing ROI Review
  • Website Visitors Analytics
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Rich Media, Landing Page Review

Human-Centered Approach

User Tested and Approved

Integrated Business Objectives and Marketing Strategies
  • Beautiful, scaleable user-friendly interface
  • Tracking to define unique attributes of your most valuable customers
  • Insights on how optimize and maintain a healthy business reputation
  • Digital tools and bookmarks to easily build marketing campaigns that maximize ROI

PPC, Paid Ads & Web Traffic Analytics

Well-Targeted Reach

Automate & Operate Ad Budgets & Digital Assets
  • Task distribution across ad channels
  • Secure system vulnerabilities, data and marketing collateral
  • Flexible integration with SMO platforms
  • Device-focused optics
  • Location specific approach
  • Landing page design optimization

Geo-Targeted Inbound Marketing

Performance-Driven Digital Strategies

Fully Automated Bid Management
  • Performance based keyword optimization
  • Competitive analysis of competition
  • Proprietary Bid management algorithm integrating conversion scores, counts and lead quality
  • User trend and website performance alerts
  • Regularly scheduled reports

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