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Varazo Engage is a cloud platform that lets you review SEM, Social, SEO and analytics, tracks routines and tool activities, and write marketing journal entries while protecting digital assets by alerting site failure and poor reputation.

Omni-Channel Assets & Tools

Varazo Engage integrates multiple 3rd Party tools, and enables secure user engagement and accountability, such as:

  • Content Management & Distribution
  • Document Management & Distribution
  • Credential Management & Role-Based Permissions
  • Activity Log Optics.

User Engagement Optics

Varazo Engage streamlines and automates marketing activities such as:

  • Task & Workflow Management
  • Multi-Site Marketing Distribution
  • Geo-Marketing Solutions
  • Social Media & Content Development
  • Google Ads Location-Based Bid Optimization
  • Competitive Marketing Intelligence; and
  • Vulnerability Scanning

Consolidated Reports

Varazo Engage streamlines performance optics into professional reports that can be custom-scheduled to suit any workflow:

Site Onboarding Tasks

Onboarding tasks are set-up as templates for marketers who manage multiple sites, such as Franchise Owners and Marketing Agencies. These tasks standardize platform activities for all users, and include setting up/ integrating third-party websites, defining and assigning Routine Tasks and initiating optional features such as Call Tracking. Onboarding tasks can also include assigning roles to team members and adding Users.

Routine Tasks

Routine tasks can be defined during the Onboarding process, or at any point thereafter. They are essentially tasks that are repeated on a regular basis and assigned to one accountable team member. PMs can customize the frequency of Routine tasks, and most of them result in reports that can then be systematically reviewed to determine the overall success of each activity. PMs can also assign Routine Tasks to themselves. Some examples include: Post to SMO, Review Paid Ad performance/ Customize budget, and Analyze web page reach and session duration.

One-Time Tasks

Unsurprisingly, One-Time Tasks are tasks that happen once. PMs can assign specific tasks to any Micro-User, along with a deadline. Alerts are generated when tasks are past due, although PMs are always free to change the status of a task and its deadline. Each individual has her own Calendar where she can note upcoming tasks and due dates.

A Multi-Channel Vision with 4 Core Engines

Varazo Engage tracks valuable KPI from a variety of venues,
and makes it easy to analyze what works by compartmentalizing
data into four core digital marketing channels.

Campaigns & Lead Generation

Seo & Web Optimization

SMO & Content Strategy

Competitive Intelligence