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Turnkey Solutions Scaled to Suit Any Enterprise

One Centralized Solution to Stabilize Digital Marketing Efforts & Innovations

*Ascend2 found that 57% of marketers recognize integrating disparate technologies as the biggest barrier to success.

It’s got a Quadriplex Engine with 4 Core Channels

Varazo Engage Digital Marketing Channel: Campaigns & Lead Generation

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management Tools
  • Tracking of Inbound Marketing Lead Sources
  • Monitoring of Lead Generation and Conversions across Multiple Social Media Platforms
  • Professional Reports of Lead Conversion Statistics Generated Monthly
  • At-A-Glance Site Overview of Key Data
  • Team Performance Metrics
  • Flexible, Role-Based Project Management Variables
  • Individual Calendars and Message Board
  • Automatic Ad Spending Optimization Tools and Alerts

Varazo Engage Digital Marketing Channel: SEO & Web Optics

  • Flexible Search Engine Optimization Tools, Alerts and Performance Reports
  • Multi-Dashboard Display of Data Trends
  • Hourly Website Vitality and Response Time Scanner
  • Role-based Access Control of Log In/ Password Credentials
  • User-Friendly Auto-Bots to assist with Search Engine Marketing and Indexing
  • Advanced Geo-Marketing Solutions to Target Specific Locations
  • Territory Breach Alerts
  • Locally-Optimized Business Registration Bookmarking and Map Tools
  • Consistent Monitoring of Website Hosting, System Vulnerabilites and Crawl Errors
  • Video Tutorials and Simple Website Optimization Help Guides

Varazo Engage Digital Marketing Channel: Social Media Optimization and Content Strategy

  • Simple Set-Up of Social Media Profiles
  • SMO Publishing Tools for Streamlined Generation of Social Media Posts
  • Magnified Brand Visibility
  • Seamless Transference of Brand Assets and Marketing Collateral across Sites
  • Custom White-Labeling Functionality to Showcase Brand on Varazo Engage Platform
  • Cloud-Based Data Storage of Design and Marketing Assets
  • Streamlined Management of Routine Tasks and Team Accountability
  • SMO Reports Detailing Time-Specific Reach, Likes and Total Engagement Metrics
  • At-A-Glance Review of Key Variables Affecting Digital Marketing Success

Varazo Engage Digital Marketing Channel: Competitive Intelligence

  • Corporate Reputation Management Tools
  • Monitoring of User Reviews Across Multiple Digital Media Platforms
  • Seamless Integration with Google Analytics and Monthly Reports
  • Easy Project Management Tools for Task Assignments and Due Dates
  • Instant Alerts of Negative User Feedback
  • Tracking of Competitors Digital Marketing Efforts across the Web
  • Constant Monitoring of Business Name and Product Name Mentions

Built to Scale any Enterprise

We’ve Streamlined the Deployment of Integration Flows – So You Don’t Have to. 

Franchisors & Franchisees

Corporations & Branches

Agencies & Clients

Independent Enterprises

Perfectly-Packaged to Suit User, System & Security Preferences

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